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Our story started in 2018 when co-founder David bought a new apartment and started calculating all his personal finances in Excel. At the same time, our other co-founder Tobias worked with real estate in Stockholm. He personally experienced the stress and lack of knowledge regarding personal finances that many potential buyers felt, causing many of them to give up their housing dreams as a result. David and Tobias put their heads together and Econans was born. Econans started from a mission to give people knowledge and tools to create financial security. We saw a need to make personal finances easy to understand.

Econans is a fintech partner that provides digital services for simulation and automated advice on environmental and financial sustainability. We focus on democratizing financial knowledge through the application of technology. Our services are based on research, statistics and financial regulations, and combined with the user’s data, our services offer the user simulations and advice in interactive and self-service solutions. We use large quantities of data and AI to innovate our services, generating cutting-edge solutions and customer experiences.

David Klamer
CEO / Founder
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Tobias Lewandowski
Partner Manager / Founder
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John Nyström
Global Business Manager
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Mikael Dienér
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Sandra Melin
Product Owner
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Jonatan Rosman
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Eva Cederbalk
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Michael Wolf
Advisor / Investor
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Mikael Karlsson
Team Lead
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Christian Runeborg
Architect / Developer
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John Hallström
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Pontus Lövinger
Team Lead
Smiling Pontus Lövinger
Anders Orlinder
Christian Runeborg photo
Jonas Olsson
Developer Intern
Emma Valfridsson photoEmma Valfridsson photo
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