Energy data & reporting platform

Environmental impact of housing

Energy data report platform
 illustration data modul

Data module

Gathering of data such as property data, energy consumption data, climate risk data and Taxonomy verification documents for each mortgage and loan.

Simulations for each mortgage such as EPC estimations, CO2 emissions and Taxonomy classification.
Possibility to extract raw data in flexible formats for each mortgage and loan.

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CO2 emissions reporting

Gathering of data such as property data and energy consumption data to be able to compute the CO2 emissions level for each mortgage with maximum level of accuracy.

Computation and classification of CO2 emissions for each mortgage based on PCAF methodology and guidelines.

Reporting of CO2 emissions to the Bank at an aggregated level according to the PCAF standard and per mortgage including details of how the computation and classification was done.
Identification of mortgages where more data could be gathered to increase accuracy of the computations.

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illustration co2 emission reporting
 illustration taxonomy reporting

Taxonomy reporting

Verification of mortgage and loan data according to property data, energy consumption data, other verification data such as invoices for renovations and construction certificates.

Classification of mortgages and loans according to the Taxonomy regulation and the Bank’s guidelines.

Reporting of mortgages and loans to the bank at an aggregated level according to official templates for reporting and detailed reporting per mortgage and loan.

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Follow all your important mortgage sustainability KPIs in the Econans Sustainability Dashboard.

Visualization of metrics such as EPC classification for the mortgage portfolio, CO2 emissions, Taxonomy loan alignment share.

Possibility to track changes and improvements over time, and follow-up on the Bank’s sustainability targets.

Identification and analysis of mortgages and loans where improvement is needed.

 illustration dashboard
 illustration climate risk modul

Climate risk module

Evaluate your mortgages based on climate risk data analysis.

Help your end customers with customized advice on how to reduce the exposure to potential climate risks

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